PCHacks 2019

May 4-5

University Of Toronto, Mississauga Campus

PCHacks 2019 is PCHackers second annual hackathon event. We will be hosting Canada's largest high school led hackathon on May 4-5, at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus. We are currently accepting applications from all students who wish to attend.

Applications are now open!

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What Is PCHacks?

On May 4-5 PCHackers will be hosting our second annual hackathon at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

The hackathon will be a 24-hour event that aims to bring together 250 student competitors from across Canada in an environment that will encourage creativity and allow students to apply their ingenuity to build innovative products in the field of technology.

What Makes PCHacks Special?

Our event is aimed at fostering innovation in the field of assistive technology in order to improve accessibility for those with impairments or disabilities.

Additionally, we are encouraging females to come to our hackathon in order to eradicate the gender gap in STEM with the help of our partner group PC Girls Code.

What Projects Could I Make?

Competitors can create whatever project they want to make, but specific prizes will be offered for projects in the following categories.
1) Overall Best Project
2) Assistive Technology
3) Machine Learning and Big Data
4) Smart City
5) IoT
6) Robotics
7) Best Use of API

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Organizers and Mentors


Projects Created


Startups Founded

Coming up with a project.
A team working on their project.
Teams attending a workshop hosted by our sponsors.


PCHackers has officially partnered with Major League Hacking (MLH) to give our competitors access to all the technology they need to create amazing products. MLH also helps us promote our event to make sure we can run the largest highschool led hackathon in Canada as well as assisting us with making the experience great for everyone.

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Current Sponsors of PCHacks

Special thanks to Mississauga Councillors Stephen Dasko and Chris Fonseca for sponsoring our event.
To sponsor PCHacks 2019 please contact us at officialpchackers@gmail.com and check out our sponsorship package.

Past Sponsors of PCHacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?

PCHacks is open to all highschool or post-secondary students interested in attending a hackathon.

Do I Have To Pay To Attend PCHacks?

No. Due to the generous support of our sponsors, it is completely free to attend PCHacks 2019.

How Many People Can Be On A Team

Teams have a maximum size of 4 people, but can be as small as one person. However, we recommend that competitors form teams of 4 to make maximum use of the limited time available.

What If I Have Never Been To A Hackathon Before?

For those with good ideas but no practical coding experience, there will be a side event during the day where participants can pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. If the judges think your product could be successful, you will have to opportunity to talk with our sponsors and potentially secure funding to transform your pitch into an actual product. We also have a team of experienced programmers that will be wandering around the event giving advice to anyone who needs it.

Can I Start Working On My Project Before The Event?

No. In the interest of fairness, all competitors must be given the same amount of time to develop their projects. However, competitors are encouraged to come up with ideas and plan out their products before the event begins, especially if they hope to present their idea to our sponsors.

What Workshops Will Be Available?

PCHacks 2019 will have talks by industry professionals leading workshops on their area of expertise, mostly related to Assistive Technology and our other major catagories.

What Are The Sleeping Arrangements?

We will provide rest areas for competitors but you will have to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, etc. if you wish to sleep during the event.

Will Food Be Provided?

Yes. Food will be served for dinner and breakfast and snacks will be available throughout the weekend.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at officialpchackers@gmail.com.